Thursday, September 20, 2012


You all know I'm an Instagram fan. 

I thinks it's funny on Twitter when I see people complaing/teasing other people about what they take pictures of on Instagram
"Ohmygosh SHE is SO lame! She needs to STOP taking pictures of her cat/dog/baby/glass of wine/cup of coffee/magazine/manicure/brunch/LV bag/sunset/etc"

Here's a tip people: If you are annoyed by someone's pictures, stop following them! 
Same goes with blogs. Stop being a butthead ripping on other people and find blogs you do like the content of. No one is forcing you to check said blogs everyday (or said Instagram accounts). You're an adult, figure it out.

End rant. 

Anyway: I don't have a cat/dog/baby. I don't like getting my nails done. I don't own anything LV, and I rarely brunch (sadly). Thus, the only pattern you can really find is outfit pictures. 
Is it wild and creative and artsy and mind blowing? Nope. But it's my Instagram account, so lay off.  
(You can make collages like this on Printsgram)

I may be lame, but I think they're kind of pretty all together.

What's your Instagram jam?
Find me & my outfits (and other things, of course) at @lpodlich!

xo, lp


  1. Love your rant--preach, girl.

    I love instagram OOTDs because it keeps me accountable for changing up my wardrobe and my mix and match pieces! Working in my own little office and seeing very few people each day, I don't always feel the need to be cute, trendy, or creative. Thus, sharing my OOTD with the world gives me reason to never waste a good outfit!

    Also, loving the outfit in the bottom right! :)

  2. I take copious pictures of my dog, skylines in various cities I'm in, sunsets, landscapes, glasses of wine, dessert, manicures, and other random, everyday stuff. Not everything in life has to be extraordinary; there is beauty in the ordinary and seemingly mundane things of life, too. So yeah, I'm with ya.

    Love all of your OOTD posts, by the way. And thanks for sharing the Prinstgram - I was wondering how people could do that!!

  3. I take obnoxious amounts of food pictures on instagram and I've seen similar complaints, but really, who is it harming?! Plus, food is delicious! I love all your OOTD shots--the perspective is so fun, I'm never able to get my whole outfit in!

    The Glossy Life

  4. I LOVE your OOTD on Instagram and look forward to them everyday! Keep them coming girl! I also love your collage, it looks very cool!

  5. I think people are LOVING your ootd (as stated above) ;) But I do too! They are super cute! And I just discovered fun!! Ordering stuff today actually!

  6. I post a lot of photos of my cat. Which probably annoys a lot of people since some people really hate cats, but oh well.

  7. oh girl i agree. instead of being rude, simply stop following the person. its ridiculous to see what others say over technology. its sad. i am a total dog instagrammer. but i dont even care.

    i love all those outfits! pretty sure you have a million clothes in your closet because.. i cant see the same shirt or pant twice!

  8. Girl after my own heart! I love the #ootd posts! Gives me ideas of what to wear in the morning!

  9. Hah. Loving all of these! You are so colorful!

    xo, Emily

  10. All of your outfits look so cute!! Love the collage!

  11. You always do a good job capturing your outfits for the day! I'm always too shaky and can't take photos of my full outfit! Oh well... anyway, great words of wisdom too ;)

  12. You are NOT lame and I love following your #ootd IG pictures! I am over all the BUTT HEADS too! get a life, talk about something else and move on, people!!! Keep doing what you are doing because I love you for it!!! You inspire me!!! xoxoxo

  13. I totally agree! The people complaining about it are the ones that are annoying! :) I love all these pictures together! Its so pretty and bright!!

    go for the glam

  14. i love how dedicated you are with your outfit picture taking! check all those statement neckkaces! i'm seriously impressed! & you are way too modest, i love your style laura! :D


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