Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanks Jar

It's PIN-A-WEEK time dear friends. This week's pin came from some of my favorite bloggers (fellow Richmonders), Sherry and John @Young House Love. I call it the Thanks Jar - every day (or every time) you feel like it, you write down something you're thankful for on a slip of paper and keep them all in the jar until Thanksgiving. Since Michael and I won't be home for Thanksgiving this year, we figured it would be a good tradition to start for the two of us!
 The full link for their jar is here. They finished theirs with an etching cream- which gives the glass a more subtle "thanks" instead of the bold one I did.

First things first, I grabbed a big mason jar from Michael's and taped my printed out "thanks" to it.
 This next step I did differently from YHL (honestly, theirs is WAY better. oops.). I covered the "thanks" in painters tape so I could still see the lettering through the tape.
 Using an X-acto knife i started cutting out the letters from the tape.

 Since I wasn't worried about using the jar for food, and since it wouldn't be handled a lot I just used basic acrylic paint for the lettering.
 I used a sponge brush to give it a little texture instead of just a basic smooth finish.
 I yanked off the tape while the paint was still a little wet to make sure I had gotten every nook and cranny.

 I added a little ribbon so it wouldn't be too simple...

So there you have it! Our first ever Thanks Jar!

Oh, and yes, I am fully aware the letters aren't fact, it kiiiiind of looks like a child's handwriting. I like it that way though- it gives it a sweet, fully homemade look. (And at a homemade price - about $1.00!)

I'll let you know after Thanksgiving if there were any good "thankful for" slips...


  1. Cute idea!! You did a great job stenciling that on!!


  2. Thanks Jen! Definitely the easiest Thanksgiving project I've done yet!

  3. I really like this idea - those YHL folks are just too talented for ANYONE to compare themselves to - so don't worry, yours is JUST as great and unique! The idea behind it is all the matters. I'd love to make one of these in the future when I have children! How cute would that be? Little construction paper notes..haha!


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